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Ok, Its been confirmed. This site is causing threats to show up on my

 AVG maleware detecter. We will be switching sites as of now. I'll not

 check this site again, and be taking the steps to delete it altogether

 as the day goes on. Everyone please go to

 This site

Register as a user and Join the new nations game, just copy/paste

 your character sheets from this site and send them to me in the

 other game. As for the Spiders Web Campaign; Wybren hasn't been

 on for days, intrest has seemed to be lost there, I'll not be

 continueing that game any longer.


Hopefully everone follows the game to the new site....

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 Skill Confusion--Everyone Read!

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PostSubject: Skill Confusion--Everyone Read!   Thu Sep 24, 2009 1:44 am

Ok, there seems to be some confusion with the PF skills. First off, only one rank per level in a skill. This rank gives +3 to a class skill and +1 to a non-class skill.

Pathfinder Skill System. Summary of changes:

First off all skills cost one skill point per rank. (There is no more 2 skill points cost to buy 1 rank in a cross class skill.)

Maximum rank is your character total level in pathfinder.

At first level you only get your standard skill ranks per level for your chosen class. (Humans get an extra skill point per level and if you level up in a class which is your chosen favored class you have the option to get another skill point, if you don't select the extra hit point more).

Each class has a set of skills which becomes class skills for your character if you take a level in that class. You get a bonus of +3 to any class skill you have at least one rank of training in.

Some skills have changed:

Skill combined into single skill

Balance, Jump and Tumble are now Acrobatics.

Decipher Script, Forgery and Speak Languages are now Linguistics

Hide and Move Silently are now Stealth.

Listen, Search and Spot are now Perception.

Gather Information is now part of Diplomacy

Open Lock is part of Disable Device

Skills that are no longer a skill:

Concentration is no longer a skill, but a spell caster ability using your caster level and caster stat bonus.

Use Rope is no longer a skill, but part of the Combat Maneuver System.

New skill:

Fly is a new skill used for anyone flying on their own and attempting daring or complex maneuvers. You don't need to make a Fly check when just flying at half to normal speed and making simple maneuvers such as turning ascending and descending.

I hope this help clear up some confusion. PM if you have any questions.
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Posts : 185
Join date : 2009-07-18
Age : 30

Character sheet
Name: Ginoma
HP: 19
AC:: 14

PostSubject: Re: Skill Confusion--Everyone Read!   Thu Sep 24, 2009 4:59 am

"Each skill rank grants a +1 bonus on checks made using that skill. When you make a skill check, you roll 1d20 and then add your ranks and the appropriate ability score modifier to the result of this check. If the skill you're using is a class skill (and you have invested ranks into that skill), you gain a +3 bonus on the check. "

That reads to me as, you get a +1 bonus per rank and if I am using a class skill with any ranks in it, I get an additional +3 bonus. This actually makes class skills in line with regular D&d where you can only have at most your level+3 ranks in a skill. This just gives you that +3 bonus on class skills base line instead of the at first level you get 4 times what you would normally get in skills. Also, they had this little chart.

Table: Skill Check Bonuses

Skill Check is Equal To*
1d20 + ability modifier + racial modifier
1d20 + skill ranks + ability modifier + racial modifier
Trained Class Skill
1d20 + skill ranks + ability modifier + racial modifier + 3
* Armor check penalty applies to all Strength- and Dexterity-based skill checks.

So really it would be for a class skill
Skill:Rank+abi+race+class skill(3)=total

And for a non class skill
Disable Device: 1+5+0=6
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Skill Confusion--Everyone Read!
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