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Ok, Its been confirmed. This site is causing threats to show up on my

 AVG maleware detecter. We will be switching sites as of now. I'll not

 check this site again, and be taking the steps to delete it altogether

 as the day goes on. Everyone please go to

 This site

Register as a user and Join the new nations game, just copy/paste

 your character sheets from this site and send them to me in the

 other game. As for the Spiders Web Campaign; Wybren hasn't been

 on for days, intrest has seemed to be lost there, I'll not be

 continueing that game any longer.


Hopefully everone follows the game to the new site....


 Cities Of Gernada- Black Wall

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PostSubject: Cities Of Gernada- Black Wall   Cities Of Gernada- Black Wall EmptySun Jul 19, 2009 3:16 am

Cities Of Gernada- Black Wall 04_cit10
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PostSubject: Black Wall Details   Cities Of Gernada- Black Wall EmptyWed Aug 12, 2009 3:07 pm

Black Wall City:
Black wall city is named after the massive wall surrounding the inner keep and castle, over 50' high and night black, its actually hard to see at night time. This castle holds the King himself, he rules the entire southeastern part of the world, everythign east of Crevisha. The city itself is pretty rundown, small shops and buisnesses often go out of buisness within their first 5 years of being open. To keep from falling to far in debt the city sells its grand fighters to other cities to be used in armies or militias. Black Wall produces the best fighters in all Gernada, rivaled only by Turil's fighters Guild, these warriors are trained by Relet Herald, a knight of unrivaled compatence. Its said a deep cavern lies under the central keep, a stronghold for the citizens of the city incase of an unlikely attack from enemies.
The farmlands of Black Wall grow and sell the finest weeds known to the races, this is another way the make money in this rundown city. This is one of the only cities that doesn't have 'classes' of citizens, everyone is created equal, regadless of birth, race, gender or anything else. Everyone is also trained to fight to some degree and all pose a threat to the normal traveler, some normal citizens are extrordinary warriors and never went to the Black Sword School (BSS).

People of Intrest:

Relet Herald:

King Delmust

Hermi the bear:

Ele Carlenel and Blumie LitleMagi
Places of Intrest

Ele'Blumies Trinkets

Rusty's Pub and Inn

Market Way
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Cities Of Gernada- Black Wall
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