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Ok, Its been confirmed. This site is causing threats to show up on my

 AVG maleware detecter. We will be switching sites as of now. I'll not

 check this site again, and be taking the steps to delete it altogether

 as the day goes on. Everyone please go to

 This site

Register as a user and Join the new nations game, just copy/paste

 your character sheets from this site and send them to me in the

 other game. As for the Spiders Web Campaign; Wybren hasn't been

 on for days, intrest has seemed to be lost there, I'll not be

 continueing that game any longer.


Hopefully everone follows the game to the new site....


 Cities Of Gernada- Four Winds

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PostSubject: Cities Of Gernada- Four Winds   Cities Of Gernada- Four Winds EmptySun Jul 19, 2009 3:10 am

Cities Of Gernada- Four Winds 01_cit11
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PostSubject: Re: Cities Of Gernada- Four Winds   Cities Of Gernada- Four Winds EmptyTue Aug 11, 2009 3:47 pm

Four Winds:
City of trade, city of riches, city of thieves, city of mystery. Hence Four Winds. Referred to one as much as another, and all of which are very true. Four Winds started as a small trade outpost, and quickly grew. People who wouldn't be welcome any where else in Gernada find a home here, among rogues or merchants, or traveling its dungeons. Four Winds is the only other city, besides Crevisha, to have an underground city beneath it. Execpt this city is a place of peril, only the lowest commoners and the dangerous rogues end up down here. Crooked merchants and corrupt nobles busy themselves with wrongdoings in the streets of the Windless City. Merchants come to Four Winds every season, some stay, to trade and set up shops for the seasonal Bazzar. Some for quick gold, others to decieve and leave, The city watch has known to be easily bought off, and often look the other way to most evildoers. The streets during the day are as bad as Turil's docks at night, Four Winds at night is almost uninhabited, save the thieves and night hawks.

People of Intrest:
Hullien Greddy: Mayor and head of High Watch

Gallander Grivous- King of Thieves

Father Rellan Tereao

Places of Intrest:
Stone Alley:

Lonesome Inn
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Cities Of Gernada- Four Winds
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